Wild Bee Honey Company

Established in 1998 in Pony Montana, Wild Bee Honey started with a simple yet age old philosophy; provide a superior product at an affordable price. We took the world class clover honeys of Montana and instead of blending them with lesser quality honeys to make them saleable, kept them separate and built a market for those people who want the best. This all natural Montana clover honey is light in color, mild in flavor, and appeals to a large spectrum of consumers who enjoy quality. Wild Bee Honey is a 100% natural, 100% Montana product - supporting American families!

Wild Bee products are packaged with class to match the product. We take pride in every aspect of our company and wish our customers satisfaction in their experience with our product. Our labeling and packaging will make our customer try our honey and its quality will bring them back time and again. Enjoy!

Calvin D. Young
Vice President

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